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Don't Bother With These for Fire Ant Control


Don't Bother With These for Fire Ant Control


Don't bother with this one.

Mint / Spearmint

It's reported that fireants Don't like mint or spearmint and that planting it around areas of infestation or around the house will repel them. However, one reader told us that they have a fire ant mound right in the middle of a huge plot of mint. Another told us that she bought a commercial mint product to get rid of fire ants and all it did was make them smell nice.


This method consists of pouring gasoline on the mound and often times lighting it on fire. This method, aside from the obvious hazard to you from an explosion, is illegal and environmentally hazardous, and it is inefficient and ill-advised. It poses a risk of ground and surface water contamination that is irreversible. Not to mention, in warm, dry environments, you find yourself causing more damage than anticipated (i.e., grass fires).

Household Products

Many home products, such as chlorine bleach, ammonia, various detergents, plaster of paris, drain cleaners and so on are said to work in the elimination of fire ants. Few, if any of these are effective for killing fire ants, and most pose a greater threat to pets, children, wildlife, and groundwater. In addition, it is illegal to use these products in a manner inconsistent with their labeling - they are not labeled for control of any type of pest.



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